Writing Center Blog Guide/Extensive Site Tree

Writing Center Blog guide

Patchwork Plagiarism
Unintentional Plagiarism
Pre-Writing Techniques (Overcoming Writer’s Block)
Beginning a Paper
Pre-Writing Techniques
Pre-Writing (Page Two)
Pre-Writing (Page Three)
Thesis/Argument Creation
Thesis Creation
Thesis Statement (Do)s and (Don’t)s
Common Pitfalls to Avoid
Constructing Your Argument
Aspects of a Good Argument
Research and Using Search Engines/Databases
Research Resources
Improve Search Engine Use
Research Databases
Soc/Psych Databases
Science Databases
Dictionaries and Thesauruses
Editing and Revision/Format Guides (APA/MLA/Chicago/ASA)
First Draft Tips
Sentence Outline
Topic Outline
Reviewing Your Work
Step 1: The Big Picture
Step 2: Focus on Development
Step 3: Focus on Structure
Six Methods of Organizing Information*
Step 4: Focus on Sentence Structure
Editing v. Revising
Editing: Steps 1-6
Editing: Steps 7-12
APA General Format Rules
MLA General Format Rules
ASA General Format Rules
Chicago Style General Rules
CSUSM Study Guide
Avoiding Study Traps 1-5
Avoiding Study Traps 6-10
Effective Habits
A.S.P.I.R.E. Study System
Writing Center Handouts
APA Citations I
APA Citations II
ASA Citations
Chicago 16th Ed
Axes Method
Expanded Resources
Should an Intro or Conclusion Be a Certain Length?
Writing An Introduction
Fleshing Out A Paper
What Should A Conclusion Do/Have?
History Papers
What Makes a History Paper Unique?
History Papers (REQUIREMENTS)
An Arguable Thesis
Good Sources
Multiple Sources
How to Write a Historical Essay – by Dr. K. Hijar
Presenting a Paper
Things to Avoid When Presenting a Paper
E-mail Etiquette (to include Word Choice/Spelling)
E-Mail Etiquette
Topics for email
Commonly confused words
28 Rules For English Spelling
Graduate Students
Graduate Student Resources
Resources for Graduate Students
Videos for Graduate Students
More Graduate Resources on Writing
Avoiding Repetition
Acknowledging Counterarguments
Can’t-Miss Tips for Writing a Thesis or Dissertation
Writing for Sociology

CSUSM WC Resource Network Home

The CSUSM Writing Center


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