Improve Search Engine Use

In order to make maximum use of a search engine, you need to know the ins-and-outs of how they work. When searching for a topic, there are certain key words that help. Also, placing your key words in quotation marks “key word” will help you get better results. (Explained in a video located below) Using “and” in a search will affect the outcome of your search and give you a narrower range of hits. I.e. “The United States” and “World War II” Also, using “or” will help you get a focused, but wider range of results. I.e. “The United States” or “World War II”

YouTube Videos

How to use Boolean Operators to efficiently employ search engines

(3:02) by Lexy Spry & Emily Wixson, Chemistry Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2008 (original video location here)

How to use search engines more efficiently through the use of quotation marks

(3:05) by Johnz PCHut (original video location here)

(3:32) by ExpertVillage: How to make Google’s search engine find specific file types (Original video location here)

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